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Who we are.

One common element runs throughout our company – love. Love of great music, love of new technology, love of helping others achieve their dreams, that is what we are about. We are not here to just “sell you something”. Where is the fun in that? We want to help you understand the possibilities and then shape them into your reality.


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Where the buck stops


Also known as the Dream Session, we start with discovery of what our clients know, what they like, and what they need. Then we do a little education of where the standards currently lie for similar designs and where we feel the industry will be in the next decade. Future proofing is a major part of our designs to ensure happy customers 10- 20 years from now.


So now you have a great design in mind, what do you do with it? We have learned over the decades that without great documentation; sketches, CAD drawings, a scope of work, spreadsheets or even databases created for each job, too much can get lost in translation from client to designer to installer.


Following a great design and extensive documentation, the installation also needs documenting, as in labeling all wiring. The wiring is then sorted and routed with the use of wire trays, lacing bars, finger loom, etc. as required to keep the wires organized and easy to service. A good installation can provide for easy service of the product as planned and save money in future expansions.


Many of the better systems today, whether it is a home theater receiver or a thermostat, require some extent of setup. And if that device requires a bit of effort just to use, then it would require another system to translate or combine its functions into something that is easy to work. We are experts in systems integration and have been recognized by many magazines and TV shows for our work.